Drayage Trucking Services

Drayage Trucking Services


Whether your freight goes from ship to truck or truck to ship, the link in the supply chain is drayage services. If your business ships goods, you will need reliable drayage services in the Tri-state Area.

Sarcona offers Drayage services for all major ports in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to our own warehouses. Our drivers TWIC certified.

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Timely Deliveries

When dealing with containers, demurrage, and per diem, the opportunity cost of delayed freight are major issues. We’ll ensure that pick-ups, drop-offs, and returns, are all executed quickly and within the allowed time windows.

Flexible Solutions

Whether it’s local short haul or long-haul cross country, we have an array of solutions and resources to get your container freight moved in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Delivery Coordination

From making appointments to finding chassis, transloading and more, Sarcona Management, Inc. will be your single point of contact getting all the moving parts working together to effectively move your freight.

Servicing the tri-state area.